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Strategic Investment

Manufacturing industry

Investors introducing or enhancing production in the manufacturing industry can be granted a newly-introduced special status of the so-called strategic investment. Besides other investment incentives, strategic investments can receive a grant for capital investment in the amount of up to 5% of costs. State grants for individual projects meeting the criteria must be approved by the Government of the Czech Republic prior to provision.

Cash Grant on Capital Investment

Apart from the standard types of investment incentives schemes, strategic investments can obtain an additional grant for capital investment:

  • up to the amount of 5% of eligible costs in the case of launching production or expanding an existing one
  • up to the amount of 7% when the launch or expansion of production is, within the given investment, accompanied by the establishment or expansion of a technology centre

The cash grant is provided maximally up to the amount of the ceiling of state-aid intensity as determined by the Regional Map of State-Aid Intensity.

Eligibility criteria

A strategic investment is such investment, in which the value of the minimum amount invested in long-term tangible and intangible assets reaches at least CZK 500 million, of which at least CZK 250 million is invested in new machinery and, concurrently, at least 500 new jobs are created.