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Manufacturing industry

Investment incentives for manufacturing industry can be used by all companies, regardless of their size. Even foreign firms with a Czech subsidiary are entitled to recieve the support. Employees training, new jobs creation, and low-cost lot transfers are some forms of the state support. 

Who is the scheme intended for?

Investment incentives can be obtained by companies in the manufacturing sector, regardless of their size. Foreign companies establishing a subsidiary in the Czech Republic can also benefit from these incentives. Eligible projects must involve commencing or expanding of production in the manufacturing industry.

Forms of investment incentives available

  • corporate income tax relief for up to 10 years
  • subsidy for training and retraining of employees at a rate of 25% of the eligible training expenses)
  • site support (transferring of public land at a favourable price)
  • job-creation cash grant of CZK 50 000 per employee (selected regions only)

Eligibility criteria

  • The project must be implemented in the Czech Republic, outside the territory of the capital city of Prague.
  • The minimum investment in long-term tangible and intangible assets must amount to CZK 50 million in structurally-disadvantaged regions; and CZK 100 million in other regions. The prescribed share of newly-acquired machinery in the total investment is 50% in both respective cases.
  • At least 50% of the minimum investment amount must be an equity investment by the investor (i.e. financed with the investor’s own capital).
  • The applicant may not commence work on the project prior to issuance of the confirmation of project registration by CzechInvest.
  • The corporate income-tax relief can be utilised after all the statutory conditions have been fulfilled, i.e., after the creation of required number of new jobs.
  • The beneficiary of investment incentives must fulfil all the conditions no later than three years after the date on which the incentives are granted (i.e., by the issuance of the Decision to Grant Investment Incentives), and the investment must be retained for at least five years from the completion of the whole investment.

Strategic investment

Project labelled as a strategic investment belongs to a special regime approved by the Government of the Czech Republic. Once approved, the project is entitled to recieve a material support for capital investment up to 5% of the the expenses.