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Who can apply for the EU grants?

It depends on a particular grant programme. Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation (OPEI) is focused on enterprises, primarily those operating in the manufacturing industry, technology, ICT sector, research and development. Eligible projects are those that are implemented on the territory of the Czech Republic outside the capital city of Prague.

How does the process of obtaining support work?

  1. Quality business plan
  2. Obtaining an electronic signature and creation of an account in the eAccount application
  3. Completion and sending the Application for Registration
  4. Completion and sending of the Full Application
  5. Project implementation
  6. Completion and sending the Application for Payment
  7. Payment of the subsidy

How much can I gain?

The amount of aid depends on the size of the enterprise as well as on the region where the projects is implemented. For one project you can obtain a subsidy of 30 to 60%, the minimum and maximum amount depends on a particular programme within the OPEI and it usually varies from hundreds of thousands up to tens of million CZK.

How much does the cooperation with our company cost?

It depends on a particular project. Most of our reward consists of a success fee, which increases our motivation to our best on your project and minimizes your costs in case your project is not approved.

What is the success rate of submitted project?

It depends on the programme. In the OPEI there generally is a high success rate - 50-75% of submitted projects are approved. Oour company's success rate reaches 95%.